The Secret Life of Batman.

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Spotted this one awhile ago, but never got around to posting it.  Randomly found it today and nearly busted a gut.  It’s an instant classic.


Simple, yet sweet.

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I love graffiti that is straight to the point.  Don’t pussyfoot around, just say what you mean!  That’s a nice drawing of a knife, too.

The Expendables!

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Of all the awesome gifts I received this year for my birthday, one special present stood out.  Perhaps because it was nothing I could hold, and it didn’t come from my friends that made it special to me.  As I entered the sub to head to my friend Elise’s house for a birthday BBQ (Classon G stop represent!), I noticed two lovely African American females discussing the movie poster for the new movie The Expendables. What made this moment so magical was not that they were excited to see the film like I was (I really am, can’t wait for it to come out), but that they were discussing how fucked up Mickey Rourke’s face was.  They were having an in depth conversation about it too.  There was pointing, exaggerated hand movements, laughter, faked nausea….all over how fucked up Mickey Rourke’s face looks.  It will always be one of my favorite birthday moments.

Now, back to the defacing!

"Big Guns, Small Cocks"

Mickey doesn’t seem to mind the “big guns, small cocks” statement, but Bruce is not happy at all.

Jason looks a little worried that this might be true.

“big guns, small cocks” found at the Classon G stop.

“Crank 3” found at the Fulton G stop.

Who stole Stink Boy’s diamonds?!

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Look at how sad you made him!

Eat something Eva!

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Clearly the people of New York are just as worried as I am that Eva Mendes is wasting away.  In fact, I think they believe she already died!

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OMG! Tom Colicchio is driving my train!

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a. Love that someone was tall enough to do this.  Either that or they had a chair with them in the subway, which is also awesome.

b. Why does he have an arm tapping him on the shoulder?

c. I would love to see Tom Colicchio driving the G train.

Found at the Carroll Street F/G stop.

Worry about grammar later, just wash your hands before serving me!

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*I forget who posted this to Facebook. eek.