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Two different posters for you here.  The first one comes from MCC.  Found in the subways of NY….of course.

The second one I discovered the other night on my way home from a birthday party.  I believe it can be found in the Bergen G/F station.  I had to piece it together half-assidly (*not a real word, I know) due to the various things written.  Unfortunately, it is a little hard to read due to the vandal writing with just a regular pen, and not a sharpie.


Labeling ‘Entourage’

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How's the "Mercury Poisoning" Jeremy?


All three submitted by Autumn.


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pork rinds

I haven’t seen that style of handwriting since the eighth grade!  Thanks B!

Submitted by STFU, Parents

I hate it when the ham is on the rag.

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Pull my finger.

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Yay life!

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Yay life!, originally uploaded by markleggett.

This one comes from New Zealand. They are excited about life there.

Gimme a “C”!!

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Submitted by Autumn